ELMIA 2012 Event

From 22 to 25 August 2012 in Sweden, in the city of Jönköping, held the largest exhibition in the Nordic construction and trucks ELMIA 2012, which was attended by all European automotive giants.

FJ company showcased 5 trucks with their products, among which we can highlight:

1) Heavy Concept whick includes the installed stainless steel kit behind the cabin (fuel tank 800 liters, top and side tool boxes), aluminum catwalk, lateral protection, a protective cover for the fifth-wheel (stainless steel) and rear cover plate for batteries.

2) Set Autoline Concept, including aluminum catwalk, fuel tank and lateral protection (stainless steel), rear catwalk for batteries and stainless steel plate with logotype on the original frame Volvo behind the cab.

Particularly noteworthy FJ Tipper (new model tipper Scandinavia), as well as a completely new model of the hydraulic tank of stainless steel.

Photo report about the exhibition you will find at "Gallery", ELMIA 2012.