About us

Today FJ GROUP consists of 5 companies, 2 of them are placed in Sweden, 2 - in Russia and 1 is in Norway.

FJ Group Russia LLC is a branch of swedish company FJ Lastvagnar.

Russian company specialized in manufacturing of dump superstructures, Swedish company produces additional equipment for trucks (such as fuel tanks, tool boxes, catwalks, fenders, hydraulic tanks, lateral protection, etc.)

The business concept of FJ Lastvagnar is to deliver added value concerning working environment and efficiency to users of heavy duty trucks. Always with genuine competence and high technological production.

We have optimized precision and usability in focus, and bring our products into line with customer needs both concerning concept and special solutions.

We are approved supplier to the Volvo group and cooperate with Scania Sverige. On importers level, we have a close relation with Mercedes-Benz, MAN and DAF.

The products by these brands can be bought with the FJ Concept products as an option.

Here we show samples made for mentioned brands, but nothing is impossible and ofcourse everybody is welcome no matter what brand.