• Body volume 15-22 m3
• Bottom steel Raex 450, 8 mm.
• Side walls in Raex 400, 6 mm .
• Front and tailgate Optim 700 QL, 6 mm.
• Sub-frame beams- Optim 500.
• Heating of front/floor/lower part of sides by means of exhaust gases. Work in difficult weather conditions up to -50°
• Mechanical locks to tailgate
• Tarpaulin with elastic rope, hooks on the sides of the body.
• Welded unloading apron
• Spare wheel carrier mounted on the front wall including winch and spare wheel
• Access ladder on left side of tipper body with foldable part
• Complete FJ heat switch kit installation
• Protective grill FJ for rear lamps.
• Rubber inlays mounted on sub-frame
• Reflex tape Avery Denison on body and cab according to regulation ECE 48.03
• Connection to signal system for raised body via pressure sensor on a tipping valve - tipper display Rear marking plates for heavy and long vehicles acc. to regulation N70
• Holders for chocks in the tires size (installation on the front wall)
• Body can be equipped with the shaker ( for simplifies unloading truck)
• Complete HYVA or WIPRO hydraulic kit including hose kit, oil tank and hydraulic oil. Work in difficult weather conditions up to -50°

Surface Treatment:
• Blasting of sub-frame and tipper body
• Painting of sub-frame and tipper body using Baril primer and paint (any RAL-number)
• Paint thickness 130-160 mcm. Primer of the body inside. .

Additional options:
• Joystick installed on the left side of the driver seat
• Aluminium side protection kit
• Steel fenders FJ for rear wheels and rubber mud-flaps ( can fix to the fenders with the hooks).