Tipper Trailer for Scania

Trailer specification:

• Three 12 T Scania axles ASA 1000 for twin tires with drum brake
• Drawbar VBG DBE 190 (ø 57 mm)
• Wabco brake system with EBS E
• Michelin twin tires 315/80-22.5 XZY incl disc (12 tires, 6 per side)
• Air suspension
• All sheet metal in chassis frame made of S355 material
• Six plastic ISTOFLEX fenders with mudflaps Scania
• Square body Scania
• Sides in Optim 700, 6 mm
• Floor in Raex 450, 8 mm
• Front/tailgate: S 690 QL / Optim 700 MC
• Volume: 16m3
• Mechanical locks to tailgate
• Access ladder on left side of tipper body
• Welded discharge apron
• Rolled tarpaulin with elastic rope and preparation for its fastening – hooks on the sides and tail gate
• Spare wheel installed on front board including winch, steel rope, spare wheel arm
• HYVA hydraulic cylinder FC 129-3-03880 and adaptation kit for Scania 6x4 standard tipper

Electronics / Lighting

• 24 V
• Lighting according to R48 ECE
• Scania original rear and side lamps

Surface Treatment

• Blasting of chassis frame and tipper body
• Painting of chassis frame and tipper body using Baril primer and paint (any RAL-number)
• Minimum coating thickness 80 mkm. Priming the body from the inside
• Reflex tape Avery Denison (according to UN ECE No.48.03). Rear marking plates according to UN ECE No 70

Weight, load and tipping characteristics

Unloaded mass: appr. 8.3 T
Maximum loaded mass: 24 T
Maximum tipping angle: appr. 50 degrees