Trux gives your truck more ATTITUDE and CHARACTER.

Trux AB is the market leader in front attached safety accessories for heavy Trucks. Trux AB was the first company in Europe to design and manufacture front protection equipment for Trucks, evolving into a wide and complete line of safety accessories for heavy Trucks, customized to fit almost all European brands manufactured today.

Make your truck even more personal, just as so many other operators on European highways are already doing. They’ve given their vehicles a more powerful look with front guards, light bars and other products from Trux. Trux were the first to design and manufacture front bars in aluminum – a very strong lightwieght material with low weight, about half the weight of steel – resulting in lower CO2 emissions and reduced environmental impact. Aluminum is also corrosion-free and 100 percent recyclable. Trux products not only give trucks a tougher look, they also enhance driver safety. Trux is the market-leader in Europe and has developed a wide assortment for the leading makes of trucks

The unique characteristics of aluminium combines strength and flexibility with environmental attributes which, aside its low weight, provides quality products uniquely designed to fit for every truck in each truck manufacturer’s product line.

All Trux products are delivered in an anodised aluminum finish, however painted cutomized versions can be ordered to match the colour of your truck as well.

Now you can get your front protectors in any colour you want. With our new painting plant, we can offer higher quality and faster delivery of lacquered products. We are market leaders in the frontal protection systems for trucks. Our front protectors have reduced the impact of accidents for 25 years.

Trux AB is certified ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:1996 and OHSAS 18001:1999